As the consolidated voice of the UK bitumen industry, the Refined Bitumen Association is committed to the promotion of high, industry-wide, standards in Health Safety and Environmental practices.

The RBA, through a dedicated Health Safety and Environmental (HS&E) Committee, sets out to achieve continuous improvement in bitumen handling methods, transportation, storage and recycling practices through activities and initiatives including:

   - The production and dissemination of best-practice solutions and Codes of Practice

   - Establishing minimum safety and environmental standards for its members

   - Raising awareness of incidents amongst those delivering and receiving bitumen in bulk tanker loads

   - Undertaking equipment and engineering reviews to ensure that best practice in relation to safety is maintained

   - Providing advice on legislative change in the areas of health, safety and the environment

   - Conducting regular reviews of operational activities and procedures for its member companies

Providing guidance to the industry in relation to new health research that addresses working with bituminous materials


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